Sandy Goodey from Horam quits smoking after 47 years with help from her local Stop Smoking Service

A 66-year old lady from Horam has successfully quit smoking with the help of her free local Stop Smoking Service.

Sandy Goodey, who works in a local supermarket, smoked on and off for 45 years and before she quit was smoking around 20 cigarettes a day. 

She said, “I started smoking when I was 17 after my grandmother gave me a cigarette. My mum was also a smoker and it was fashionable to smoke when I was younger."

“I have three non-smoking daughters now and they nagged me about my bad chest but I didn’t always want to quit.”

However an illness and a visit to the doctor made Sandy want to quit her habit for good this time.

“This was my third attempt to stop smoking but this time was different as I had a bad chest infection and knew it wasn’t helping my asthma. I was sat in the GP surgery and saw cards advertising the stop smoking service. I thought ‘why am I doing this to myself? I don’t want to die early’ and called straight away and booked an appointment.”

Sandy attended sessions at the stop smoking service based at Heathfield Community Centre and didn’t look back.

“My adviser Kylie was absolutely brilliant; I really liked her attitude to quitting. I was shocked at first about my carbon monoxide levels but, by the fourth visit, my reading had gone down from ten to zero!"

“I was given patches and wore them for three weeks; I took them off and haven’t smoked since. I kept going to sessions though because knowing I was going every Monday was very motivating and I didn’t want to let Kylie down."

Sandy has not only noticed the health benefits of quitting but the financial ones too.

 “I was spending about £250 a month on cigarettes and now have much more money left over at the end of each month. I am treating myself to things for the house and have just bought a new bed."

“I can walk better now and I am not out of breath. I have no intention of ever smoking again and no urge to smoke. Everything smells better too!”

Sandy would encourage anyone considering quitting to make 2019 the year they become smokefree. 

“Think of your health and the money in your pocket; you will feel so much better. Give it a go. If you don’t do it first time you can go back. It’s worked for me and others. I wouldn’t have quit without the stop smoking service.”